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Conference Backgroud

As the BioPharma industry grows in China & the Asian region. A part of our highly successful Biopharma series, the event, which attracts over 300 attendees, is the leading industry platform for Biopharma, biotech, Manufacturing Equipments, Bioscience and Analytical Equipments,Facility Design, Cold Chain, CMOs, CROs, Research institutes, investors,Technology and industry stakeholders to meet, network and discuss current industry trends, establish business partnerships and be updated on investment opportunities in China

Covering topics ranging from latest regulations impacting to International partnering;from Biopharma R&D and Biotechnology to Biosimilar Development,from CMO and CRO,from Antibody development to Clinical Trials,from Biomanufacturing to Bioprocessing; from Upsteam: Cell Culture and Cell Line Development to Downstream: Production, Purification&Filtration,from Analytical and Protein engineering technology to Expression & Characterization; From AI and Smart to Automation and Digitalization, from Cutting edge technology & solutions to best Practice case studies;from business strategy, investment to innovation.

Snapshot of BPIC 2019:

• New investment and outlook in china biopharma industry, Biotech Innovation and regulatory compliance
• Round-table Discussions on Catering the Industry’s Challenges and Opportunities to Asia’s Landscape
• Global Biopharma R&D Strategy Perspective,Antibody development,Clinical Design of Innovative Biopharma
• Design and Engineering Improvement of Bispecific Antibodies and ADCs for druggability
• CFDAs priority review policy and impact on biosimilars,The current clinical trial landscape for new biosimilars, and expected pipelines
• Innovation and technology breakthroughs for Biosimilar development,Discuss the advanced strategy and solutions to enhance biosimilars’bioprocessing stability and reliability
• Market outlook for cell lines develoment across drug discovery, bioproduction, toxicity testing, and tissue engineering
• The growing use of reagents and media, and technical best practice,Cell Culture and Purification Process Development Strategy from Analytical Approach
• Clinical and commercial phase market outlook for CMOs in China,Antibody Continuous Process Scale-up
• Analytical Characterization Strategies, Technology & Product Comparability,Leading Protein and Antibody Engineering Technology and Innovational Application
• Advances in Upstream & Downstream Processing,Next Generation Bioprocessing, Global Updates on Manufacturing Technologies ,Facility Design & Engineering Case Studies Automation and Digitalisation Trends ,AI in Biomanufacturing

Who should attend?

More than 300 participants are expected to attend “The 4th Biopharma Innovation Conference 2019, attracting the strong contingent throughout the Asia Pacific, USA and Europe. To breakdown, the participants will mainly come from:

By Job Title:
Chief Executives, Scientists, Directors, General Managers and Heads of:
• Antibody Research and Development
• Antibody Technology
• Immunology
• Cancer / Autoimmune Research
• Biopharmaceutical Research
• Bio-analytical science
• Regulatory affairs
• Preclinical/clinical research and development
• Biosimilars
• Licensing
• Business Development
• Antibody Purification
• Chief technology officers
• Process development
• Manufacturing
• External manufacturing/manufacturing network
• Quality assurance/quality control
• Technical operations
• Cell culture

By Industry:
•Biopharmaceutical Companies
•Vaccine/Antibody Companies
•Biotech Companies
•Manufacturing solution providers (upstream,downstream)
•Bioscience and Analytical Equipments
•Diagnostic and Testing Equipments
•Facility Design
•Protein Drug Companies
•Contract service providers (CROs, CMOs,CDMOs)
•Facility HVAC, cleanroom and containment equipment providers
•Country governments / trade agencies
•Lab Equipment Suppliers
•Legal and compliance firms
•3rd party logistics providers
•Cold chain packaging companies
•Distributors in Asia Pacifi c
•Executive search firms
•Laboratory equipment providers
•Bio Parks

Who Should Sponsor?

• Contract Manufacturing Organizations
• Contract Research Organizations
• Cell Culture and Media / Cell Lines Solutions Provider
• Disposable Technology Providers
• Purification Technology Providers
• Bioprocess Technology Providers
• Automation Technology Providers
• Process Analytical Technology (PTA) Providers
• Consultants in Process and Plant Design
• Construction and Engineering Services
• Equipment Providers
• Biologics Technology Platforms/Biotechs
• Distribution and Logistics
• Cold Chain Storage
• Regional Development Agencies
• Reagent Providers
• Packaging, Fill and Finish Service Providers
• Consultants (Law, Auditing)


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